Drushyam-Telugu Movie:Venkatesh,Meena:2014

It is a wonderful movie directed by Sripriya and produced by Suresh Productions.The hero and heroine are Venkatesh and Meena respectively.This film is a remake of a malayalam movie which was an all-time blockbuster.The music was composed by Sharreth and Gopal reddy and marthand handled the cinematography and editing respectively.The shooting commenced in Kerala and ended at Hyderabad

Ram babu[venkatesh] is a cable operator in Rajavaram.He passed his fourth grade and stopped his education at his fourth grade itself.He lives with his wife Jyothi[meena],who failed her tenth grade, and two daughters Anju[kruthika jayakumar] and Anu[esther].Ram babu is interested in watching movies in different languages.He takes his decisions according to the movies that he saw in his small office.

Rambabu and his family lives happily till their daughter attends a nature camp.A guest,a boy from the nature camp,enters in their common life and disturbs their privacy.The family begs him to leave them but he does not.The family commits a crime by killing the boy to protect themselves.The culprit’s mother is a police officer.To hide their crime,rambabu takes the car brought into the village by the boy and when he gets into the car a police sees him.After that venkatesh throws the cell phone of the boy onto an all India permit truck and submerges the car into a river.The car is found by two boys who went for swimming in the river and the culprit’s mother understands that something has gone wrong with her son.The parents of the culprit search for their son.They listen to the words said by the police that he had seen rambabu getting into the culprit’s car and ask various questions to the family.Rambabu tells his daughters not to hesitate to answer the questions asked by the police.After getting believable answers from the family that they are not associated with this crime the culprit’s mother gets angry and orders to try hitting them to get the answer.When the police hits the small girl present in the family she tells them the answer by getting scared.But when they look into the answer told by the girl,they find nothing.This fills thrills and fantacies in the audience.The secret that the family has killed the boy is revealed by rambabu at the end of the film when the culprit’s mother resigns her job.This film does not have any secrets at the end as it had been revealed by the artists.

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